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Arts and Performing arts in New Orleans include classical music, Film, Galleries, and Opera. If you're a fan of opera, you should visit the Opera Association of New Orleans. Galleries include the Davis Galleries, which displays African traditional art. Exhibitions include sculpture, basketry, textiles, weapons, and jewelry. A Gallery for fine Photography emphasizes New Orleans and Southern history as well as black music and cluture. Other museums are Bryant Galleries, Casey Williams Pottery, and Peligro. If you are a fan of film, you should visit Movie Pitchers. It is New Orleans' only existing cinema/pub. The main focus of this theater is independant, foreign, and cult filme. Besides movies, it offers live bands, comedy shows, local plays and a free art gallery year round. Other places to see films are Canal Place, New Orleans Film and Video Festival, Palace Theatre, and Prytania Theater. If you're in the mood for classical music, visit the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, Concert Choir of New Orleans, or the New Orleans Musica Da Camera.






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